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GanoLife Green Coffee 365


Product Description

GanoLife Green Coffee 365

(90 Capsules per Container)

Our Green Coffee 365 is extracted from green robusta coffee beans, which are found to have the highest percentage of Chlorogenic acid. Green coffee bean extract is a proven weight loss aid. When combined with antioxidant-rich Ganoderma lucidum, the result is a product that promotes weight control.

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  1. Lost 60lbs in 4 months, not proud but amazed. How I did it and how this product works!

    Posted by Thank you Ganolife. Theressita Lopez on 29th Nov 2013

    My blood pressure was through the roof so I decided I needed to get away from home to successfully lose the weight. Contacted my mom and dad on the east coast and stayed with them for 4 months. My husband, teenage twin boys and adult daughter all supported me. First month I lost 17lbs, second month I lost 15 lbs, third month 13, and fourth month 15. I did Green Coffee 365 1 Capsule 30 before breakfast lunch and dinner. I did drink at least 6 cups of Black Coffee 365 during the day too. No sugar or creamer! after 4 months I'm 60lbs lighter and my physical results are nothing but perfect!

  2. There is no miracle! But...

    Posted by Helena S. on 24th Nov 2013

    The product is good. I would say very good. First and for most there is no side effects its adaptogen Google it! plus they are adding ganoderma lucidum in to... Well I've lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks for some of my friends thats not impressive... But I feel great and i don't kill my self dieting like the others... So if i am taking 3 capsules daily 30 min before each meal and i am down 10 pounds eating anything i want! I am HAPPY!!!

  3. Never used anything like this before!!!

    Posted by Dariusz on 15th Nov 2013

    25 pounds in 3 months no dieting no side effects no effect Jojo. Even when I stop taking for a week. My weight didn't changed. Good stuff!!!

  4. Live Love Share

    Posted by Vicky Sanchez on 7th Oct 2013

    Im down 26 lbs No dieting !!! 65 days past! - I Love This Product

  5. Try it!!!

    Posted by Lovell on 13th Aug 2013

    GanoLife products works! I lost 75 lbs. & M-jai lost 50 lbs.

  6. Well invested money!

    Posted by Derek Stark on 4th Aug 2013

    Many people have asked&inboxed me about how powerful Green Coffee 365 can be which is available NOW! The key is here is over a 90 day period with no side effects approx 1200-1800mg a day you will lose weight and have health benefits. The high amounts of Chlorogenic acid in green coffee (its also in coffee so keep drinking your black). Basically it slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream and causes the body to burn glucose (sugar) more effectively and burn fat specifically in the liver (more on the health benefits on that later) So if your body is managing glucose levels (sugar) better...then it has less of a likelyhood to turn into fat. In simple terms, it's a burn and block and has been proven over a placebo on a double blind test. So you can lose some weight by creating a more efficient body - lose alot of weight if you work out and diet. There you go. Think about it as adding something to your car that can use the same fuel but utilize what it has more efficiently. I'm on it 3 capsules a day plus 4 capsules of Cordyceps daily. 15 days 14 pounds down! 90 days challenge is on!!!!

  7. The BEST quality I found so far!!!!

    Posted by Amanda on 1st Aug 2013

    I was 187 lbs before i bought "Ganolife Green Coffee 365" capsules. I've been using as directed (3 capsules daily 30 min before each meal) for 15 days now I do also exercise 3 times a week (light gym) I lost already 12 lbs!!!! This product is AMAZING!!! It suppress my appetite while I am not running low on energy or feeling tired. Yes!!! I also received free samples of their coffee DELICIOUS!!! GOOD WORK Guys... Can't wait for another order to come... Thanks!!!

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